+91 9324292289     Email: sanjay@sanjayfineart.com

+91 9324292289     Email: sanjay@sanjayfineart.com

 Wall Art For Your Projects 

Peaceful, Tranquil, Serene Art

For Homes, Offices, Hotels and Hospitals

Sourcing the right Art for your upcoming Interior project need not be a pain  


We have a wide collection of original work by Sanjay Marathe - Cityscapes, Monuments, Landscapes, Flowers, Nature, Abstracts, suitable for classy interiors. If you need custom themes to match your location or property, we can shoot new ones.


Our Artworks are produced using the best available media and technology and at par with the best international quality standard.


We have tried, tested and established an optimal production schedule which allows us to make a faster delivery of Artworks for small and large projects, enabling a speedy turnaround.

@ Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi

Artist Statement

“Monsoon is the monarch of seasons, providing irrigation for food and drinking water to most parts of India. Dense dark clouds signal its arrival, followed by thunder, lightning and heavy rainfall. With the advance of the season, the dark clouds metamorphose into a myriad palette of colours that range from orange, yellow, blue and countless shades. As mother earth quenches her thirst with life-giving rain, she returns this favour by enriching countless species of shrubs, creepers and trees. Forests transform into a rich green carpet, with gurgling streams and rivers.

The show consists of fine art photographs that celebrate the monsoon - fleeting moments of dramatic cloudscapes and forest landscapes captured over the years, that will lend a soothing and refreshing mood to any wall. Each artwork is printed on archival canvas with my personal attention, on a 11 ink printer with pigment inks that do not fade for years; and sprayed with protective varnish to preserve freshness and longevity. My endeavour was to capture the essence of the monsoon. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I sincerely hope that you too will enjoy the experience.”

Art at the Workplace

Art in your office space relaxes, inspires and makes for a more productive ambiance. Get a classic traditional frame or opt for a modern look with Metal or Acrylic prints that seem to float on the wall. We can also help with the most advanced Art hanging techniques that protect your walls from nails or screws.

Art for the Home

Get soothing Wall art frames for your Living room, Study, Bedroom, Entrance Lobby and Bathrooms too, with Metal prints that withstand moisture. Pick your Art by Theme, Colour or Subject – from Landscapes, Cityscapes, Treescapes, Cloudscapes, Wildlife, Floral, Abstracts and many more.

Art for Hotels

Art and Decor define the character of a place. We can add a touch of caring and love to your reception area, rooms and lobbies, by selecting the most suitable Art pieces from our collection.

Art for Hospitals

Soothing Art in clinics, hospitals and medical facilities creates friendly and positive vibrations for patients and visitors alike. We can decorate large projects with quality Artwork and very fast execution, help with Art selection from our varied range of subjects. We can also help with the most advanced Art hanging techniques that protect your walls from nails or screws. Get in touch with your project details.

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