+91 9324292289     Email: sanjay@sanjayfineart.com

+91 9324292289     Email: sanjay@sanjayfineart.com

Mumbai-based photographer Sanjay Marathe brings the magic of India's monsoons to Delhi this winter

21 - 25 February, Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre

'Megh Malhar', a fine art exhibition of photographs by Mumbai-based photographer Sanjay Marathe between 21-25 February at the India Habitat Centre.

The exhibition presents exquisite photographs that capture the essence of the monsoon season. The stunning photographs in this exhibition are a result of the photographer’s earnest pursuit of beauty. A visual treat, the images evoke varied moods of the season. They showcase fleeting moments of dramatic cloudscapes and forest landscapes that lend a soothing, refreshing mood to any wall. Shot over decades across the Western Ghats, the collection of photographs in this exhibition bring together diverse scenes from urban and rural locations. The locations may be distinct but what they have in common is the sky-drama witnessed in the monsoon.

Each artwork is printed on archival canvas with personal attention, on an 11 ink printer with pigment inks that do not fade for years; and sprayed with protective varnish to preserve freshness and longevity.

Artist Statement

“Monsoon is the monarch of seasons. As thunder and lightning signal its arrival, the dense dark clouds metamorphose into a myriad palette of colours that I have tried to capture at their exquisite best. My pictures are a visual representation of the essence of the monsoon. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I am hopeful that Delhi will also enjoy the experience."

Artist Bio

Born in 1966 in Mumbai, Sanjay Marathe is a seasoned photographer who has practiced the art through the transition from the black and white film era to digital photography as we know it today. After his Undergraduate degree from Mumbai University, he enrolled in the Government Law College, but dropped out in a few months to pursue photography. Sanjay has worked as a photographer in India and the Middle East over the last three decades. His first Solo art exhibition was in 2013 at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. He has exhibited at Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and the Art Expo in New York. Connoisseurs from the USA, the Nederlands, Australia and India have been his patrons.

Rainforest, Arunachal Pradesh

Forest Trail

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